About us


Founded in 2019 (EIN number 84-2163881), the Institute for Asian Crime and Security (IACS) is a US 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and think tank that promotes transnational security by empowering current and future leaders, civil societies, international organizations, and governments to address critical issues relating to transnational threats worldwide .

Global Research & Local Fieldwork

To promote transnational security and safety, the IACS aims to conduct global research & local fieldwork. In global research, the IACS invites researchers, policy makers, and professionals to do research, education, training, and information-sharing to address the current security threats. In local fieldwork, the IACS coordinates volunteers in local communities to support first responders, medical workers, and vulnerable group of people (elderly, women, and children) who are impacted by transnational threats.

Our Value

IACS’s board of directors, staff, and volunteers will honor and dutifully execute our mission and realize our vision through a commitment to IDEA:

  • Innovation– Promoting and implementing creative and effective projects.
  • Diversity– Upholding equal opportunity within volunteerism and professionalism.
  • Education– Promoting education and training to make the world a better place.
  • Advocacy– Educating and inspiring leaders from governmental and non-governmental sectors.

Our Goals

  • To provide leadership and consultantship for those needed to address transnational security issues worldwide.
  • To encourage and support current and future leaders  to serve as a forum for discussion and advice on transnational issues in their respective fields.
  • To educate and assist civil societies, international organizations, and governments regardless of geographical areas to deal with transnational security issues.
  • To promote international participation for practitioners and researchers.
  • To identity the needs and uphold the safety for local communities of the world and engage in providing resources to reduce the impact of transnational threats and to better their conditions .
  • You are welcome to connect with us via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or email.
  • Our email: inquiry.iacs@gmail.com (for individual inquiry); info@theiacs.org (for institutional invitation and collaboration)