The Yemeni Conundrum

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Seven years ago, Yemen was pulled into a crisis that has proven to be no more than an intense crackdown for the roughly 30 million population of Yemeni.  The Yemini people have since been compelled to go through persistent anguish and misery. This tragic chain of events has overtaken them and clouded their ‘sun’ of happiness.

Yemen’s grinding conflict has claimed tens of thousands of lives and displaced millions, leading to what the UN now calls the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Everything has fallen apart. A couple of months ago, several pro-government troops were killed in a Houthi rebel attack on Yemen’s largest airbase, the Al Anad base in the province of Lahj, eventually killing 30 and leaving more than 60 wounded.[i] Two years ago, an attack on Saudi Arabia’s Abha airport by the Houthi rebels (in whom the Iranian government has reportedly invested a lot of finances and effort) hogged media headlines when it left the families of 8 individuals mourning.[ii] The Giants Brigades Forces of the Hadi-led government have managed to hold sway over several important Yemeni cities but to no avail.

Sharp asymmetries between the two parties in the diplomatic front have placed Yemen in a quandary where problems seem to be teething. The major partners engaged in delinquencies and the extraneous digression from their respective positions have upped the ante. The people of Yemen had no option but to retaliate against oppression and enforced deprivation.  The rebels on both sides of the conflict have been displaying unflinching commitment. The circumstances involved have exhibited great delicacy. It is not unfair to suppose that time did nothing to diminish the odium which has accrued from the clash between both factions. Pundits have been constantly criticizing the sheer debacle of this military engagement. [iii]

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A Horrendous State of Affairs for the Yemeni people

As a result of the situation, the Yemeni people have been kept in obscurity and oblivion, marginalized and subjugated of fundamental rights. It is very unfortunate that they have been relegated to the margins of societal tolerance, as they have been forced to walk the tight rope. The normal citizen does not have the luxury of choice in this matter. Yemeni social fabric is wavering between life and death as this dirge is being woven at this very instant. The cascading torrents of conflict have essentially destroyed institutional equilibrium. It would appear that the general public is not capable of holding their own, as they cannot stand this stress and struggle. The egregious human rights issues cannot be brushed under the carpet.

Panacea for all Ills

Ultimately it all comes down to this.  Those in the corridors of power need to look beyond conventional programmes in order to make amends across the sphere of catastrophe that has engulfed Yemen. It is truly a dire need that the major stakeholders should now aim to sculpt a new future and resurrect regional security and stability. If the stars do not start aligning for Yemen, it is highly likely that all concerned do not recognize that they have got a lot more negativity coming their way. It would not be prudent for either side to commit more indiscretions as the world has already been presented with a grim picture.  The conflict has already been seared into the memory of Yemeni people, many of who are now immigrants that have been forced to flee their homeland, and the goal today should be to dilute and ultimately terminate the damaging actions as quickly as possible. Hostilities benefit neither party.


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About the Author: Zohaib Asif is a contributor to the IACS. He is currently an undergraduate student of Political Sciences at the Government College University, Lahore.

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