Research Team (A-Z)

Senior Researchers

Hai Thanh Luong

Senior Researcher | Chair of Asian Drug Crime Research Committee

James P. Welch

Senior Researcher

Research Associates

Michael Damiani

Research Associate

Jakob Ranglin Grissler

Research Associate

Kimon Kalliatakis

Research Associate

Aparajita Mondal

Research Associate

Naletha Pangemanan

Junior Researcher

Filipa Reis

Research Associate

Esther Brito Ruiz

Research Associate

Abhishek Verma

Research Associate

Jounior Researchers and Contributors

Burcak Unal

Junior Researcher

Asif Yohain


Executive Team (A to Z)

Jimmy Albrecht

Editor-in-Chief | IACS Board of Director

Christopher Daignault

Director of General Affairs

Andrew Jeng

IACS Vice President | Board of Director

Amy Meng

Director of Community Relations and Public Affairs | IACS Founder

Leo Lin

Director of Research and Policy | IACS Founder

Jamie Yeh

Director of Training | IACS President | Board of Director